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New Profile Posts

  1. bigbear0083
    Have a great weekend Stockaholics!
  2. bigbear0083
    REMINDER: U.S. Markets are closed this Monday, Feb. 18th for President's Day. Enjoy the long weekend everyone!
  3. StockJock-e
    Apex Legends F2P taking over Twitch, EA soaring back!
  4. StockJock-e
    EA longs having a bad day
  5. bigbear0083
    AAPL and AMD reporting after the close today!
  6. bigbear0083
    NFLX reporting after the close today!
  7. bigbear0083
    Welcome to a new week traders!
  8. bigbear0083
    Have a great weekend everybody!
  9. StockJock-e
    Ford lowest levels since 2009!
  10. bigbear0083
    Happy New Year everybody!
  11. StockJock-e
    chip stocks slammed down nicely, could be a good time to start picking some names
  12. Steven_Burt
    Steven_Burt bigbear0083
    1. bigbear0083 likes this.
    2. bigbear0083
      Nice! Thank you for that Steve. Will definitely check it out this weekend. Much appreciate it. :)
      Dec 21, 2018
  13. Alfred Letendre
    Alfred Letendre StockJock-e
    Mr Jock-E. I have been following you since 2008. Yours is the only anonymous internet opinion that I respect. Have you any opinion on NLST. There is a big ITC case nearing conclusion and I thinks it’s a no brainer. Huge upside unless I am missing something Thanks in advance
  14. bigbear0083
    Welcome to November!
  15. Malfeitor
    Malfeitor OldFart
    Old Fart is here! Yay!
  16. StockJock-e
    mjoke is back, everybody hide!
  17. mjoke
    mjoke bigbear0083
    how do i send a god dam priv msg? ... or is this what it is ?
    i wanna talk to you and jocke... where is he? ...
  18. bigbear0083
    Have a great new trading week, month and quarter everybody!
  19. Yoptionz
    Yoptionz bigbear0083
    Love this!!!
  20. bigbear0083
    Have a great trading week everyone!