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New Profile Posts

  1. Gil Oren
  2. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    FOMC Minutes today @ 2pm eastern!
  3. Gil Oren
  4. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    Server move successful, we are in the cloud!
  5. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Hope everyone had a nice long weekend and are ready for a new week, fresh start! :D
  6. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    What long weekend?
  7. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    LONG WEEKEND! :D Have a nice relaxing 3-day weekend Stockaholics!
  8. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    Trump notes markets are at highs! DONT JINX IT! :D
  9. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    Is this a teflon market?
  10. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Happy Valentine's Day!
  11. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Happy trading to everyone in here this week!
  12. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Thanks for another great week here at Stockaholics everyone! Have a nice relaxing weekend you guys!
  13. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    Politics is better than House of Cards! :D
  14. JerryM
    Watching Politics has me under stress this year.
  15. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    NVDA reporting after the close today!
  16. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    It's a new week, fresh start Stockaholics! Happy trading to everyone in here this week.
  17. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Thanks to all for a great week here at Stockaholics and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
  18. Gil Oren
    Gil Oren
    GS up nicely on all the deregulation talk
  19. Cy McCaffrey
    Cy McCaffrey
    Jobs Friday tomorrow in the AM!
  20. Cy McCaffrey