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    Jan 31, 2021
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    Anyone have any suggestions? Looking for something customizable like The "Stock Desktop Widget" in the Microsoft store for my PC.

    That desktop app is attractive and you can lay out and customize cool widgets on your desktop. But, it's a series of widgets, you are limited in the free version and for whatever reason you can't also track the total markets (S&P, DOW, NASDAQ) in real time.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a live market ticker app for windows? Looking for something new to run side-by-side on a 2nd screen next to "Crypto Chart" so I don't have to rely on opening Schwab's Street-Smart Edge software all the time.
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    Have you checked out "Stock Ticker Pro"? It's not just a single app but it provides a smooth experience for live market tracking. You can customize the tickets you want to follow, including major indices like S&P, DOW, and NASDAQ. Plus, it's got a range of layout options to make your desktop setup look slick. I'm also running a second screen with "CryptoChart," so I feel you on wanting to keep things organized. ""Stock Ticker Pro" could be the perfect companion without the need to constantly launch Schwab's software. Speaking of cost-effective options, I stumbled upon this site called that offers affordable cheap windows 10 key. It's been a game-changer for me – you might want to check it out too.
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