Books I've been reading as a beginner in investing stocks

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    May 18, 2021
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    1.By far my favorite book because it showed me how to make money in the stock market without taking massive risks while tackling the emotional aspect of investing.
    Link: (it's free if you sign up for a free trial with Audible)

    2.My friends disagree with me on this one but it definitely helped me a lot. It explained everything I wanted to know about the stock market—most importantly, how to make money from it. It covers topics ranging from common investor mistakes and how to avoid them, where to open a brokerage account, how to buy your first stock, and even how to make passive income in the stock market. A good read!
    Link: (also free if you sign up for Audible's free trial)

    3. Also a good book, it's part motivational guide, part financial guide. Motivation is what you really need when you are thinking about investing because why would you learn to invest if you don't use the skills you have learnt? Recommend but my friends think that it is unnecessary.
    Link: (again... free if you sign up for a free trial with Audible)

    All the books I have chosen are reasonable priced unless you get audible, in which case it's free. Hope this helps! I have many other books that I read when I got started in investing but these are the books a I think that you should read. At least buy books 1 and 2 because I found those most helpful to me. Please suggest any other books that I should read as I am only a beginner :p

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