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    [Facebook Stock Analysis] (FB)

    - up 84% since April 2020
    - PE Ratio of 30
    - 98% of revenues come from the company's ad segment
    - Very vulnerable to regulations

    [Stock Rating - B (Buy)

    - The company has maintained excellent growth numbers for years
    - Has a large moat with multiple popular online platforms
    - Recently paid large fines and is sensitive to regulations

    Conclusion: The company is at all-time highs and vulnerable in the short term due to 2020 momentum in e-commerce declining. Holding off is reasonable. The company does have a bright future ahead if it maintains a high growth rate. You could open a sizeable position at current prices and simply average down if the price becomes volatile. Facebook is a long-term play.

    Watch the full analysis here:
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    Facebook Inc jumped 5.8% to an all-time high after beating market expectations for quarterly revenue and profit, helped by a surge in digital ad spending during the pandemic and higher ad prices.
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