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    Finsheet was founded with a mission to provide institutional-grade financial data for Excel and Google Sheets users at an affordable price. The current free built-in solutions are usually insufficient for any serious investors and traders.

    What Finsheet offers:

    1/ Real-time stock and crypto price in Excel and Google Sheets

    Users can stream real-time price for stocks, crypto, forex, ETFs and mutual funds right in their spreadsheet. We support global ETFs, US mutual funds and 25 major crypto and forex exchanges.

    2/ Global fundamentals

    We have global coverage for stocks and provide comprehensive fundamental data going back 30+ years. Users also have access to analyst estimates (EPS and Revenue) and pre-computed financials.

    3/ Historical intra-day data

    All of our supported classes have historical price data going all the way back 30+ year. Our data is intra-day data with resolution down to 1-minute, perfect for backtesting and technical analysis. We also provide pattern recognition and technical indicators, if you don't want to reinvent the wheel.

    4/ 3rd Party integrations

    We have integrated with multiple data providers, mostly crypto providers, so that their APIs can be called from our API Console. It means you have access to hundreds of external data sources within one unified platform.

    Finsheet is your one-stop place to get all financial data you may need right in your spreadsheet. We are the official partner of Finnhub to get stock and crypto price in Excel and Google Sheets. To get started, register a Free account and install our Excel add-on or Google Sheet add-on.

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