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NightFood Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: NGTF)

Discussion in 'Penny Stocks' started by StocksHighALert, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. StocksHighALert

    Apr 10, 2016
    Likes Received:
    New Opportunity: NightFood Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: NGTF)

    It’s time to get back to work in a big way, guys. This is it. This is when you start to ramp it back up or get left behind. We have a big menu of high-probability, high-potential setups coming online now that we are full-tilt hitting the Fall trading season.

    Our first monster opportunity is NGTF: This is a tiny float monster. It’s a double-bottom monster. It’s a booming-sales-growth monster. It’s a real monster.

    Symbol: NGTF

    Company: NightFood Holdings Inc.

    Quote: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=NGTF

    Latest News: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/h?s=NGTF+Headlines

    Company Website: http://www.nightfood.com


      • NGTF is positioning itself as an emerging leader in the “healthy-ingredient snack” market, which is heading for total sales over $25 billion.
      • NGTF has a small trading float of just 4.3M shares, which suggests the stock could launch higher on any additional influx of interest.
      • NGTF recently uplisted onto the OTCQB, off the Pink Sheets.
      • NGTF is coming off a double-bottom pattern with strong MACD and RSI bullish divergences in play.
      • NGTF just reported a huge month of sequential sales growth that could put this company on pace for massive top-line growth over the next 12 months as action ramps up on the Amazon platform.
      • NGTF just announced it is moving into the booming Gluten-free market as a serious global player.

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