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    Nov 24, 2021
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    I am new to investing and learning about it. I read an article about calculating intrinsic value of a company with DCF. Now, I can calculate the intrinsic value of, suppose, Apple and see if it is undervalued. Also I can see some other things, like revenue CAGR, average operational margin for certain period, how much company reinvests, and so on. And now I am wondering:
    1) if some kind of screener exists with which I could search for undervalued companies by calculating DCF and above-mentioned measures.
    2) would it be useful to use results of such screener to find good stocks? Would you use it?
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    There was a time where I thought that stuff like discounted cash flow was special magic.

    Turns out that over the past 15yrs, just throw money at APPL, GOOG, TSLA, FB and forget about everything else.
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