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Discussion in 'Personal Finance' started by sarahdurden, Dec 30, 2021.

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    Nov 27, 2021
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    I have a niece and two nephews (all under 3) that are pretty bright and already starting to understand the basics of money, negotiating, saving, etc.

    I’d like to start teaching them about investing, charity, and other areas of finance, but most of the resources I’ve found seem to be aimed at older children.

    Can anyone recommend any books, games, etc for younger kids? I was mainly self taught in my teens, but want to give them a head start so they have an easier time. They are obviously too young for things like mock portfolios, but I’d like to teach them at least the core concepts.
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    Investing a complicated topic that a 3yr old will not understand. They have enough problems understanding object permanence, never mind investing in a stock market! :D

    I think you can be patience, 8-9yr olds will have a better chance at grasping the nuances of investing.
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    I started trust accounts for my boys at 3 and 6 years old. At first they had no interest until one day my now 10 year old said he wanted an I phone, I told him he should have one because he owns the company. Also told them they own the cool hip EV company and the company with the blue vans that drop stuff off on porches. It just clicked and now every time we see a TESLA or a blue van they tell me they are making money. Never to early to plant the seed with some water and you'll be surprised when it sprouts. Happy Investing!
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