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Upcoming Stockaholics Competitions

Cy's official Stockaholics thread archives group.

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  1. bigbear0083

    bigbear0083 Content Manager
    Staff Member

    Mar 29, 2016
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    Upcoming Stockaholics Competitions

    Hi everyone!

    For those of you who are just checking in here for the first time and are wondering what the purpose of this thread is all about. Simple. Easier access/visibility for members finding all of the upcoming competitions on Stockaholics. This includes all of our different formats that we will be running in 2018 (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly). As was discussed here.

    The purpose of this thread is simply to have all of our upcoming challenge threads posted in one place for people to find the links, since we know the "Groups" section is kind of secluded from the main forums and can be rather difficult in finding the threads. Also, having to constantly send out mass PM's and e-mails to remind people of the upcoming threads was rather cumbersome and tedious, not to mention sometimes unwanted as well.

    Whelp, I am hoping with the creation of this dedicated thread in here will make this process of finding all of our competitions a whole heck of a lot easier for everyone going forward from here on out. :)

    Essentially this thread will act as your one-stop shop for finding all of the upcoming challenge threads. In other words -- the "link" to each thread will be posted up in this thread here, whilst the actual challenge threads themselves would be placed in the groups section (this way there is no need for me to move the threads in and out of the stock market today section and the group section :p). I imagine that was rather confusing for a lot of people (myself included).

    To make this thread work, I will close this off for new replies (only the admins/mods can post to it).

    This thread will be updated on a regular basis. If you guys want, it might also help to "subscribe" to this thread this way you will all get an alert in your inbox here (as well as an e-mail) whenever there is a new post to this thread. ;)

    We'll see how well this works in 2018. I'm hopeful this will help out with getting more eyeballs for our competitions.

    Many thanks goes out to all of our current regular participants of the competitions and we welcome all new arrivals coming in!

    Looking forward to getting this going in the new year and with a fresh new start! :D

    My next post will kick things off with our upcoming challenge threads. Stay tuned for that post soon!

    Thanks and I wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2018!!!
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Thread Status:
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