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Discussion in 'Forum support' started by StockJock-e, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Im seeing a lot of new faces, welcome to Stockaholics!

    Its great seeing this awesome community grow, but with growth we are seeing more attempts at spam, so clarification is needed here for some of you new arrivals.

    Stockaholics is a community-centric forum, we are here to talk about stocks, markets, options and other financial vehicles.

    If the sole reason you are here is to promote your blog, newsletter, subscription service, youtube channel or discord, you will find yourself banned.

    To be fair, we fully understand and appreciate that the content creators out there would like some eyes on their work, we totally get it! We are happy to help active members of the community get recognition when needed, but that is assuming you are an active and contributing member here first.

    Be a part of the community, help others, post interesting news, make predictions and see who blows up their account faster than everybody else ;)

    We are entering a fascinating market environment, and having eyes and ears all over the world and different sectors is a great way to stay on top of it all!

    Thank you for being awesome!
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    Thank you kindly for the warm, humble greeting. I look forward to learning from everyone as a whole. Good and bad. I will read over R &R’s and make sure I’m up to date and speed on guidelines etc.
    Warm Regards,
    Brook Radcliffe

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