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    In my opinion ADA is today sort of a religion :) because people believe in it even taken into account that there still is no working product. Still I hope that Charles will be able to emplement ADA into some African country's economy. That would be a gamechanger.
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    Jan 31, 2021
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    Yeah.... absolutely. Although I think it's worth adding that most cryptos are like that. Most cryptos fall into two categories in their simplest form:
    -those that are pure speculation and made of hope from critical thinking errors (SHIB, DOGE, etc)
    -those that are full buy-in based on presumed utility - aka belief in the sales pitch for the project

    Note that either paradigm exemplifies "working utility" to create the initial "buy in". Basically most of these projects begin that way. I would say that SAITAMA is the next closest project to Cardano suited to what you've said above (that religion observation). The key difference though is that SAITAMA already has fully functional tokenomics with working reflections and burns that are taking place as we speak.
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    If you like ETH > BTC... do you like ADA > ETH?? In theory everyone who thinks A should also think B. They have engineered it better, trial and error, process of elimination, a simple process behind a very complex system architecture.

    I'm long ADA/USD in about a 15-20% position. Not adding at this level, already took a second tranche in the low 1.20s. Descending triangle on this 1.20 support looks very flimsy and tenuous. We may need BTC to stop spitting the bit around 45K and have a big push up to see any green pastures in the next 6-8 weeks but I really like its LT prospects.

    Cardano Road Map
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