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    Aug 11, 2021
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    Good morning, I am hoping someone can shed some light on this company. I am not pushing or pumping this, I am genuinely interested in advice from people smarter than me. Full disclosure I have been holding this since about April.

    So, currently ALNA trades about 0.96 a share. I clearly don't understand market indicators and movements. Does anyone have insight into why this is stagnant? there is only a 5.3% short float so it appears it's not expected to fail.

    Yahoo Finance rates it a Strong buy at a 1.2, and projects a 1 year price target at $7 a share.

    Tip Ranks rates it a strong buy from 3 and a $6.67 1 year price target.

    MarketWatch also ranks this a Buy with 4 analysts and projects a $7 1 year price target as well.

    From what I have read the company seems to be hitting all its gates with its pharmaceutical developments for FDA approval. I know it dropped about 30% when it made a 28 mil stock offering about a month ago. What do the people more intelligent than me think? Is there some breakthrough being waited on, what's holding it back? I mean they just released earnings last week and they beat estimates by 0.02 per share. Clearly I must not know what I am doing.
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    Jun 23, 2021
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    There are a ton of low cost Pharm stocks out there. They are more like Lottery cards to me. You can hit big with them but majority of the time you lose. It is one sector I do not currently invest in.

    I did buy into HOOK, Hookipa Pharma. They were a similar story to what you appear to have. They were trading just under 10$ with a target of 27$ EOY. I watched for awhile (Several months) and it did nothing but tick down.

    Pharm stocks are very volatile and if say the trail fails or gets rejected. Then you lose big. If a trail or drug is successful or gains some type of success, then you take a ride to the moon.

    I lost my butt in HOOK (granted I only held onto it for 3-months and it could turn around) and MDWD (MediWound).

    So I guess what I am saying is, use caution with Pharma stocks and pay no attention to their "1 year targets"

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