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    American Science and Engineering Inc (ASEI), is a US manufacturer of X-ray equipment and related technologies, originating in 1958 as a developer for NASA, with an early focus on X-ray astronomy led by Riccardo Giacconi. Among other developments Giacconi's team made possible the Einstein Observatory (the first full imaging X-ray telescope, launched 1978), and Giacconi's work at AS&E saw him win the 2002 Nobel Prize in Physics.

    Among other things, AS&E provides both transmission X-ray and backscatter X-ray equipment for airports, seaports, critical infrastructures, border crossings and other locations where security scanning is required. AS&E has also developed a mobile backscatter X-ray van (ZBV).

    AS&E is listed on the NASDAQ (ASEI).

    Last year, AS&E made $64million profit on $278million revenue.

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