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Bitcoin overview

Discussion in 'Bitcoin Forum' started by TradeForexcopier, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. TradeForexcopier

    TradeForexcopier New Member

    Mar 21, 2019
    Likes Received:
    Bitcoin overview: $6,000 becomes a possibility subsequently $4,000 is cleared - Tone Vays

    BTC/USD is locked in a range after another attempt to influence above $4,000
    Tone Vays expects a liven up towards $6,000 in the back another leg the length of.
    Bitcoin (BTC) is established at $3,975 after marginal failed attempt to crack the $4,000 barrier. The first digital coin has been sitting in a tight range ever back it broke $3,900 handle as the upside progression fades away in the description to the right of admission to the vital resistance.

    Despite unexpected-term troubles, cryptocurrency experts understand in sustainable long-term growth for BTC and expect a calculation together adoption of its underlying technology.

    Thus, crypto dexterous and scholastic Tone Vays believes that BTC/USD can go as high as $6,000. Moreover, if the price breaks above $4,200 he expects a sustainable a thousand-dwindling breakout to the upside, he said in the interview when IG.

    I get your hands on think we can crack out on the subject of the price and go as high as $5000, possibly even as high as $6000, but I still think we will see lower lows sub $3000 prices sometime this year, the accessory.
    Vays intends to sell some Bitcoin following the price settles somewhere along surrounded by $5000 and $6000 levels to twist of view for the neighboring leg the length of. Meanwhile, Tim Draper recently said that Bitcoin will hit $250,000 by 2022 or 2023 to represent up to 5% of the global economy.

    BTC/USD, profound portray

    On the intraday level, BTC/USD is supported $3,919-$3,900 place that includes SMA50 (4-hour) and SMA200 (1-hour). A sustainable correct lower will shove the price advance happening to the previous range and potentially motivate more sell-off taking into account the as soon as-door focus regarding $3,800.

    On the upside, $4,000 is the hurdle No.1, followed by $4,187, which is the highest level of 2019 and the psychological $4,200.
  2. Fxortrader

    Fxortrader New Member

    Mar 16, 2019
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    In December 2017 when Cboe became the first exchange market to offer derivative crypto options, Bitcoin and its digital currency counterparts were traded at the nosebleed (severe) level. Now, crypto winter has lasted more than a year. When Bitcoin futures are launched, the hope is to play an important role in legitimizing crypto assets, driving demand and providing less risky ways for new investors - both retail and institutional - to participate. Is the Cboe suspension against Bitcoin futures products the beginning of cryptocurrency graduation?
    Ryan Radloff, CEO of CoinShares believes this contract does not mean much to the larger crypto market infrastructure. "We are not worried about losing them," he said. He believes there will be no real impact.
    For one thing, rivals the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) will continue to trade Bitcoin futures. Also, Radloff notes:
    "One of the 'industrial' cases for the BTC futures contract, at least in the crypto community, is to hedge income from Bitcoin mining. In the case of a CBOE cash settlement contract, the risk of getting a different maturity price from the one actually available on the market is too high to use it as an efficient hedge, so physical delivery wins every time. "
    Laurent Kssis, managing director of the XBT Provider summed up:
    "In the race for more transparent, professional-grade products with a mechanism for efficient price discovery and greater liquidity, Cboe seems to be giving the market to CME."
    Of course, part of the problem for Bitcoin Cboe futures products is the lack of trading volume. According to CryptoCompare, from January to February 2019 Cboe volume drops by around 31% while the CME daily average increases by more than 23%.
    Average Daily Bitcoin Futures Volumes
    Courtesy: CryptoCompare
    Some of this could be because the margin requirement for BTC futures trading at CME is 35% while it is 40% in Cboe to calculate BTC volatility.
    Kssis speculates that low volume costs must exceed revenue benefits given the decline in basic asset prices.
    "On the professional side, market makers prefer to hedge futures contracts using completed 'physical' contracts to reduce the risk of settlement price manipulation. With cash settlement contracts, settlement prices are never really efficient at maturity. As a result, it would appear that the buyer of this contract is only a speculator, using leverage offers.
    After the long-awaited physical contract came to the market, I think most contracts that are settled in cash lose their appeal because the market will usually choose one delta vehicle that is more efficient and professional when faced with opportunities. "
    Some crypto market players are disappointed, but recognize that suspension is more related to business models than asset class failures. En Hui Ong, head of business development at Zilliqa, the public blockchain platform, said:
    "Although some are worried that the announcement is a sign of waning institutional interest, it is actually a matter of competition and convenience. CME competitors have their own Bitcoin futures product, with a 1 Cboe contract equal to 1 Bitcoin (BTC) and 1 CME contract equal to 5 BTC, this indicates that CME has more competitive and attractive products. "
    In addition, he explained, regarding the settlement, Cboe also announced that it would only take the price of the Gemini auction cryptocurrency exchange. Single source prices open opportunities for price manipulation, which leads to greater risk.
    Instead, CME has taken a far more measurable approach, using prices from several exchanges while improving its ownership process to reduce the potential for price manipulation. "Thus," noted Ong, "Cboe announcements should not be considered as a reflection of the state of institutional interest in cryptocurrency. They only have products that fail to gain market share."

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