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Discussion in 'Investing' started by Matt0029, May 29, 2022.

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    Apr 4, 2021
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    Is now possibly a good time to buy tech stocks, etf etc. Including Scottish mortgage investment trust. Thanks. Know they have dropped alot. But is there further to go?
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    Nobody is able to tell you the exact perfect day the buy. The market may drop another 20% from here and stat flat for a year, we dont know.

    Add positions in small amounts over the next few months, you are buying at better prices here!
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    If you understand an industry, like "technology", beyond the headlines and media articles, and if you are sufficiently pragmatic with a long view, I believe money can be made by adding sector speculation to an investment strategy.

    I believe this is most true in the resources space.

    But, if you have a short time horizon (eg: less than about 3 years) or if you are basing your move on media reports, I think it is most likely you will under perform the market.

    Consider this.

    If you out-perform the market using media reports that tech is under-valued, you might out perform the market. You could cash out in two years, feeling smug and knowing you are really smart. One day, when you realize the media are a bunch of clowns, you will realize your gain was more luck than anything.

    If you under-perform the market using media reports, you will probably have a negative view of market dynamics and be less inclined to expose your money to any sort of market. You might even feel like you aren't a good trader. The thing is, you put your money on a coin toss and lost. Nothing more.

    Whatever your knowledge base is, that is a good place to start. Perhaps you are a farmer. You know what grain handling companies are well run and which ones are a clown show. That gives you an advantage over the rest of us. If you buy a company you know to be well run, you can forget about the cash and sleep well knowing your share of the partnership will built up over time by a good management team. That is what investing is.

    There are three companies I am partnered with. They do not know I exist but I am a partner, none the less. I listen to every earning call. I read every news release and every news item regarding these companies. If they started doing things that I feel are bad business, I will sell my partnership. Otherwise, they will be part of my estate.
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