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    My wife and I went to Dumb Money on Monday. It was playing at a second run theater.

    We had a discount chain theater in town that went out of business, went dark for two years, and now has been re-booted by a family operation. I'm cheering for them and would very much like them to succeed, so we will go to as many movies there as we can.

    Oh, yeah,... Dumb Money. It's about the WallStreetBets / GameStop story and it's reasonably well done. It's a fun movie. I don't want to comment on it's level of accuracy but I think it's most all in there.

    Even though they trashed Robin Hood, I believe they let them off light. People still sign up for Robin Hood because "it's free". My gawd. I don't want to see anyone ripped off but there does come a point where the info is out there for everyone to see so it's difficult to feel sorry for the folks using the service.

    Overall, we enjoyed the movie. It was a fun watch and they didn't go too deep in the weeds of the short squeeze. It's in there but treated on a level my wife could enjoy.

    I recommend checking it out, although I think it's long out of first run theaters at this point.
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