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    Trying to teach my 3 kids a money lesson using monopoly money. A.K.A. grandparents money. So there are a lot of people on this website I have asked to participate and fear has appeared as an option. 2 of my kids in their 40's are in something safe. As in a fixed income product. So my idea was to let them choose something and gramma and grandpa would fund. Since a 2 year old can't spell investment, but they do know what they like to eat. You can actually make a mutual fund made of food groups. So here are some of the symbols. KHC, YUM, CPB, APH, COST, AMZN, TSLA, GOOG, KR, PEP, and APPL. Forget my kids and grandkids. I like this website and I hear people pounding their fist on the podium of opinion, saying do it this way. Grandpa K again offers you the opportunity of the month to prove you philosophy works. You are going to use real money. Investor's, trader's, and anyone on the Stockaholics website can participate. I see we have a great thread "WHAT STOCKS ARE ON YOUR RADAR NEXT WEEK?" Here you have a chance to name that stock, pull it off the radar and I will purchase. I see people quick to promote a philosophy, yet when offered a chance to participate in my stock market, all I hear is knees knocking. Quoting The Green MIle, "WE'LL CALL HIM WETMORE". 7 days left to join my challenge. "WHAT SAY YE MISS FUSSY BRITCHES?"

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