Is the USA Economy about to fly into the side of a mountain?

Discussion in 'Ask any question!' started by Henrykjr, Jan 14, 2021.

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    Hey folks,

    I'm getting ready to invest in some dividend stocks, have limited money and want to be cautious in how I invest.

    I gut feeling is that in 2021 the US economy might fall into deep recession or possibly even a depression where the stock market will take a beating.

    To expand on my theory let me start by saying I am in the Entertainment Industry and have been all my life. The business I am on encompasses theme parks, cruise lines, casinos, resorts, nite clubs, performing arts centers and large evangelic churches.

    2019 set records and then 2020 and covid came along.....the concert touring industry took the biggest beating with a 95% drop in revenue and a 90% unemployment rate. Distributed / Manufactured goods to a 60-85% drop in sales.

    What has essentially held the entertainment economy together was the PPP, the Cares act that basically pulled projects on the books that were 3 years out into 2020 and the evangelical church market and their cost to switch to video streaming.

    Now here we are in 2021......2020 money has been spent...some stimulus still coming in and a fresh round of PPP.

    My thoughts are and might be the case with other industries......a lot of sales were pulled in with printed money.....with some many things pulled would logically create a gap or a dead zone for business.

    If this would be the case in other industries it would have a catastophic effect on the economy.

    Does anybody else feel this way? Is there any underlying data that is indicating this?


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