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    Hello people,

    I'm very new to stock trading/investing and i wanted some opinions on what i've got for now.
    I'm 26 and from the Netherlands and i want to invest basically till i'm 50. Maybe 51 to keep it @ 25 years.
    I'm starting out at €500 and want to add €100 a month to my investments (wil be more in the future till max 200€ a month).

    I've decided to put my money in a few ETF's. I find Individual stocks to risky for now.
    The below 4 ETF's is basically what feels good and well enough spread over the world

    the Vanguard all world has more then 50% of US mid/large cap company's so i want to even that out with the Vanguard developed europe ETF.
    Also the russel2000 ETF has more risk that i'm aware off but it covers the smaller cap company's of the US.
    The iShares Asia Pacific ETF is basically to cover more off Asia

    (XET) VANGUARD FTSE ALL-WORLD ETF Accumulation (IE00BK5BQT80) 50%
    (XET) SPDR RUSSELL2000US.S.CAP U.ETF Accumulation (IE00BJ38QD84) 20%
    (EAM) Vanguard FTSE Developed Europe ETF Distrubuting (IE00B945VV12) 20%
    (EAM) iShares Asia Pacific Dividend UCITS ETF Distrubuting (IE00B14X4T88) 10%

    These 4 ETF's are also commission free at my broker Degiro.

    I also want to add that i don't expect amazing yearly returns of 15% with these 4.
    6/7% would be my goal upload_2021-5-2_17-58-19.gif
    Also i'm not someone who will be spending hours a week reading the news or following the economy closely

    Really curious about what you people think upload_2021-5-2_17-58-19.gif :)
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