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    Where do the fastest unicorns lives?
    Unicorn – term which is used in Silicon Valley to describe a startup that has hit a $1 billion valuation or more. The amount of such startups growing every year. In old times (2005 – 2010) unicorns were indeed rare, but the time has changed. Most of the unicorn companies are based in North America, but Asia’s unicorns are generally the fastest, racing to their $1B valuations in an average of just 5 years. I found it interesting that unicorns in social media are among the fastest to reach their “unicorn” status, and there is almost no competitors in entertainment and Ed tech niche. Only SpaceX has achieved “unicorn” status in aerospace startups, and this took them more than 10 years to reach it. I am glad that more and more people are successfully going to their goals and fulfill their dreams. Sooner or later the target of $1B will be not such an achievement and unicorns will be a common reality. Visit https://fleximize.com/unicorns/ to find more stats about unicorns.
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    True. Even now I'm already not sure if it's something to brag about, considering the spread of of different types of crowdfunding, especially unusual ones. It's becoming a usual case, and I'm really looking forward for the time when such achievement will be considered normal, or even mandatory to succeed.

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