Moves as we Close out Week, July 30th

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    MHO- M/I Homes
    SNAP- SnapChat
    NAVI- Navient
    *ATVI- Activision Blizzard* Rank #2
    *PYPL- PayPal* Rank #1
    *EH- EHang* Rank 5
    WKHS- Workhorse
    SPCE- Virgin Galactic
    *RCL- Royal Caribbean Group* Rank 3
    KKR- KKR & Co.
    BAC- Bank of America
    *DIS- Disney* Rank 4
    BABA- Alibaba

    Lots of good values to be had as we head into the weekend. I will be watching early to see if the markets are selling off or buying.

    EH- EHang is a Chinese stock that I really like. They are in the autonomous drone field.

    PYPL- Took a 6-7% drop on Thursday but confident they will bounce back, buying the dip.

    RCL- Royal Caribbean Group has spent majority of the last 5 years over 100$ and was trading at 130$ when the pandemic struck the markets and sunk just about every stock. RCL has seen rebuilding of 56% over the last year and although I do fear the continued spread of a COVID-19 variant(s), I do think RCL will continue to rebuild as people all over the world are ready to get out of their homes and travel.

    DIS- Just a solid stock with solid growth and lots of different revenue sources.

    ATVI- Blizzard has produced epic games and will continue to. But above and beyond what they have already done, they also hold and invest in the best people and talent in the industry. ATVI will continue to grow. They are currently facing protests, boycotts, etc as employees and ex-employees allege a "frat boy," atmosphere and an unwelcoming atmosphere for female employees. There is an on-going lawsuit I believe. This has read to a recent drop in ATVI stock price. Not sure if it has bottomed out yet but even at 83.25$ I feel its a good value and ATVI even pays a dividend.

    Just one dumb Apes views on some ideas to close the week.

    Any other morons feel like sharing their views?
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