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    So I calculated 1.5 million as a rough lower bound for sales given publicly available news. It ended up being 2. I was being overly optimistic when I was guessing it would be nearer to 3. Also, the operating expenses ended up being higher than I expected. I’ve got to look more into what makes up their operating expenses at some point since it fluctuates so much.
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    Michael Burry is a very good example of an American investor. I was also guided a lot by his investment model. I like his strategies. I also tried to put some into practice, but I understood that each investor has their strategies. From him, we learned that there is also generational wealth that we should pay attention to. Since then, I started learning about generational wealth, and even more, I found out what the generational wealth definition is. I understand that this is an important step for my future family to pass on financial assets from one generation to another and that in the future, you can get rid of big debts like student loans. I am an investor; I have to pay attention to many things.
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