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    Feb 6, 2020
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    So big bear told me that if I wanted to I could post a link for my new stream here to the stockaholics forum. This is a brand new stream. I am new to the world of streaming and thought I would like to create Market Educational videos without an agenda. I am not selling anything or trying to tell people they will make millions of dollars just by following such and such. My goal in these videos is simply to bring the research I do regarding the market to the people. I am not a stock guru simply a guy who finds it enjoyable to research information and then give that research to others free of charge. I enjoy being helpful. Feel free to stop by and check out the videos as I create them. I also am doing live streams on twitch at ZKasonstocks. you can find links in the discord channel for the live stream events and updates for the next live stream.

    thanks for tuning in.
    Good luck and trade well.
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  2. Zachary Kaspar

    Feb 6, 2020
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    Tonight's live stream is on Market analysis considerations.
    starts at 6pm cst 7pm est hope to see you there live chat in the smlc discord or via twitch stream.
    Approximate duration of presentations 15 -20 min.

    Market analysis considerations

    Series 7 outline Outline (9-30-2014).pdf

    Things to consider

    Market sentiment


    Market indices

    Option volatility–Scholes_model

    Put/call ratio

    Market momentum

    Trading volume

    Short interest

    Index futures

  3. Zachary Kaspar

    Feb 6, 2020
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    here is a link for tonight's broadcast for anyone who is interested feel free join for a general overview look at fundamental analysis and doing DD.

    20-30 minutes long presentation

    Fundamental analysis and due diligence

    Understanding Fundamental analysis

    Macro to micro

    Public data

    Modeling a company

    Quantitative vs qualitative

    Intrinsic value

    Factors to consider in FA

    Common investment valuation ratios

    Liquidity ratios




    Cash flow

    Calculating company value

    Market approach sales based and profit based

    Assest approach

    Income approach

    Finding company’s public information

    Company websites

    Section filings

    News articles

    Company profiles

    Philliip A. Fishers ‘Scuttlebutt’ method

    15 questions to ask yourself when researching a company.


    “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits” by Phillip A. Fisher

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