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New Members - Welcome aboard

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Tiptopptrader, May 9, 2016.

  1. Tiptopptrader

    Tiptopptrader Well-Known Member

    Mar 31, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I know we have a lot of new members that haven't posted yet. This is a good place to tell us us a little about your self.

    Where are your from
    Your trading experience whether your a novice of professional
    Your interest in the stock market and what you are trading or investing in

    If you want a 2nd opinion on a trade or investment you are at the right place, we pride our self in the Helping Hand.

    Looking forward to hearing from you
  2. StockJock-e

    StockJock-e Brew Master
    Staff Member

    Apr 3, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Im too shy to say anything!
  3. bigbear0083

    bigbear0083 Content Manager
    Staff Member

    Mar 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    bumping an old thread from the late TTT. :(

    anyway, i have been noticing a nice influx of new members signing up here to stockaholics as of late.

    welcome aboard to all of our new arrivals!

    i'm always curious to hear how some of you are finding this forum.

    and also to quote TTT:

    we're not too far from hitting 3k on total members here at stockaholics! very cool.
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