Stocks I am gambling investment with long term.

Discussion in 'Investing' started by willc86, Dec 28, 2020.

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    figured I will share. I am more of a fundamental type of investor and tend to hold long term. Some stocks have my attention, although huge risk. Feel free to discuss.

    (high risk)
    $ZNGA - Zynga just did a partnership with Amazon, which shows it progression slowly. I am hoping perhaps down the road, Zynga will be the go to for gaming contracts in mobile and perhaps social media. They are also a very hungry company with hopes of expansion. To top it all off, every year they have an increase in revenue, lets just hope this trend continues.

    $GOEV - Canoo seems like it is targeting small businesses to even large businesses with their EV as a delivery vehicle. I am hoping with their niche, they will get contracted or possibly expand in the business sector or maybe even get into the EV consumer market themselves

    $VALE - Kind of a no brainer why I am chasing this one. EV = Lithium ION and Nickel.

    $ICLN (ETF) - Also a no brainer why I am picking this. Beside presidency, perhaps green energy will boom in the future.

    $NIO - NIO is quite interesting. from government help to stay afloat, to now being able to stay up top. Clearly they did receive bail out money, but the government sees how much potential NIO has? Sure w/o government support, they would be dead, but maybe its an enough boost for them to get going and expand? NIO does have plans on doubling as well, but also has plans to touch the US market. will it happen? no idea... I feel NIO is a very high risk stock to hold, but it can also be very rewarding if NIO blows up and touches the USA

    $AAPL (safer long term) - perhaps them going into the EV market by 2024 will really blow things up? AAPL always been a hold forever stock though.

    $NVDA (lower moderate risk long term) - the go to company for AI in coming years, not just GPU and gaming.
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    I think $ICLN (ETF) has perspective and it seems really interesting.
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    The only company on your list that I know anything about is Canoo. They are a long shot, to say the least.

    Canoo has a good idea and seem close to a marketable product but I would caution against thinking they are 80% of the way there. They are 2% of the way there.

    They are missing autonomy and most of the software they need to accomplish their product vision. They aren't going to develop autonomous driving. They will have to buy it from someone. Who? Maybe Google in a few years? Tesla?

    I love Canoo and desperately hope they succeed. Every company had to start somewhere, so it isn't impossible for them to succeed, but they are a very long shot.

    I've been thinking of setting up a small, incubation phase, portfolio. Canoo would be one of the first companies I would throw in there. This portfolio would have a few dozen companies that have similar chance for success with the hope that one of them will succeed.

    As for putting down a significant amount of money on Canoo, I would not waste perfectly good money that would be better spent on cocaine and prostitutes.

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