The "Meme Stocks" Thread

Discussion in 'Investing' started by roadtonowhere08, Jan 30, 2021.

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    I guess we will soon find out. I think it has more potential. It was only a week or two ago that many said it didn't have any potential to do anything like gme. The fact that we are asking if it has as much potential as the biggest stock story of 2021 says plenty. Compare the charts, compare the volumes from January gme to what amc is doing now. January 22/25th for gme looks alot like what we are seeing today with amc.
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    Jun 2, 2021
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    I dont see it. Gamestop was also fueled by very good sales numbers from people buying consoles and games for entertainment while they were locked in their homes during the pandemic. Like I remember personally visiting multiple GameStops during the pandemic to look for different things 1) an xbox1 (sold out every time) and 2) returned for games and accessories ... And every time GameStop was sold out of just about everything. So at least, in this retards eyes' ,GME was also doing well as a company at that moment.

    AMC on the flip has been crushed by the pandemic and by Netflix and streaming services in general. While there is no doubt Ape's can move a stock when they all band together, but I do not see AMC being another GME. Especially as AMC execs continue to dump their shares as they have become rich beyond their wildest dreams over the last 6 months. Adam Arons stock alone went from like 6-7mil in value to 168-175mil. Who can blame some of those executives for cashing out while they are on top. I dont see it lasting. But this is just one very very retarded persons' opinion. I do see it having a little more short-term potential for Apes to make a little money but just be careful you dont get stuck holding the bags chasing that 100$ "line in the sand."

    I feel the exact same way about BB. I have a little money in BB myself and hoping to ride it to around that 40-50$ area. We shall see.

    Best of Luck! I definitely am going to move my money into less volatile positions and longterm plays once I finish playing with BB. Hopefully I dont lose money because I just recently lost my job. I know, this sounds like a recipe for disaster I am sure.

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