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Theranexus = MC $9 M ..Cheapest Alzheimer/Parkinson stock on Planet

Discussion in 'International Stock Markets' started by Biotechmaster, Nov 27, 2019.

  1. Biotechmaster

    Biotechmaster Member

    Jun 3, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Theranexus (ALTHX) Market Cap laughable $9 M /Cash $12.3 M / Shares Out 3.6 M/ Alzheimer P1b Data this Quarter /Parkinson P2 data in early Q1 2020 = Likely the CHEAPEST Alzheimer/ Parkinson stock on planet ...This could be more than just a potential 10 bagger

    Alzheimer's disease-related neurocognitive disorders --The Phase 1b results are expected in Q4 2019.
    excessive daytime sleepiness in Parkinson disease -- The Phase 2 results are expected in Q1 2020

    Theranexus (Euronext: ALTHX) <<< French company

    Market Cap: €8.73 M (~ US$ 9.62 M)
    Cash €11.2 Million ( US$ 12.3 M )

    Shares Out 3.6 Million



    Drug Candidate THN102 –Parkinson's Disease and NarcolepsyOn 24 September, Theranexus announced the recruitment of its last patient with Parkinson's disease naive of any treatment for this pathology to its Phase II clinical trial which aims to evaluate the tolerance and efficacy of its drug candidate THN102 (modafinil/flecainide combination) on non-motor symptoms of the disease (drowsiness, attention and cognitive disorders).This triad, a major unmet medical need in the disease, has a very high market value potential (estimated at over $2 billion). The results for THN102 are expected in Q1 2020.

    Drug Candidate THN201 –Completion of recruitment for the Phase Ib trial to treat Alzheimer's disease-related neurocognitive disorders On 17 September, Theranexus announced inclusion of the last healthy subject in its Phase Ib trial comparing the pharmacological efficacy of its drug candidate THN201 with the standard-of-care treatment in Alzheimer's disease-related neurocognitive disorders.The results are expected in Q4 2019.


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