Welcome to the Trade Journal section of Stockaholics!

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    Welcome to the Trade Journal section of Stockaholics!

    Here you can find threads that members of Stockaholics maintain with their insights, stock picks, strategies and any other information they may wish to share. Whether its news about the stock market today, penny stocks, options, futures,forex, fundamental analysis or simply a strategy they are trying out, you will find it in here.

    If you are creating your own thread, put your username in it rather than the name of some stock.

    Example: Cy's tech stock watch list and trades :)

    Do not include a stock symbol in your thread title as your picks will obviously change from day to day.

    Bad example: OMG! What is going on with AAPL???!!! :mad:

    Please include charts, reason for watching the stock/sector, reasonable price targets and any other information other investors would find helpful!
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