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    Critical Solutions, Inc
    Current price as of 10/12/2021: $0.0100

    Critical Solutions, Inc is a developmental-stage enterprise acquired and controlled by MKH Ventures. MKH Ventures is a diversified holding company that acquires and invests in emerging growth and profitable companies in the cannabis, crypto, and real estate markets. Critical Solutions is headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming, USA.


    Market Cap $6,435,988

    Authorized Shares 2,000,000,000

    Shares Outstanding 643,598,752

    Float 358,509,354

    Par Value 0.01

    MKH Ventures

    MKH Consulting: has been working for over 4 years in the legal California cannabis market and has gained expertise and knowledge of the commercial cannabis market; through MKH Consulting, the company helps cannabis businesses to win business licenses, optimize facility design, and standardize operations.

    MKF Finance: through MKH Finance, the company works with clients to provide access to capital in order to scale operations, supporting the growth and potential of the cannabis industry.

    MKH Ventures brings the experience, networks and finance capability in order to enhance their clients operations and achieve success. The company has a good reputation for providing cannabis retailers, growers, and distributors with high level advisory services.

    Critical Solutions, Inc
    MKH Finance and Critical Solutions offer cannabis startups a wide range of consulting and financial services, creating relationships with partners in the industry and helping them access capital by utilizing both debt and equity, such as revolving credit lines, property leases, common stock, and other.

    MKH Consulting and Critical Solutions provide world-class consulting for cannabis startups and organizations, helping its clients to bring growth while also providing operational guidance.

    According to Mr. Barraza, CEO of Critical Solutions, the company is only interested in acquiring income-producing assets, and that the company has no intention of toxic funding, as shareholders do not face the threat of a reverse split occurring.

    Critical Solutions is expected to raise an additional $5 million before the end of 2021 in order to fund other expansion projects.

    - Global Green Solutions, Inc (OTC:GGRN)

    Critical Solutions currently owns 4.9% shares of the common stock outstanding. GGRN is primarily focused on providing consulting services to the cannabis industry, also including an NFT/Crypto initiative for the cannabis market

    - E-Med Future, Inc (OTC:EMDF)

    CSLI acquired 4.9% of the common stock outstanding of EMDF in order to expand the company’s reach into the media and film industry. EMDF is an entertainment and film production company that is currently in pre-production.

    - Rodedawg International Industries, Inc (OTC:RWGI)

    Critical Solutions acquired controlling interest in RWGI during the first quarter of 2021. According to Mr. Barazza, the purchase is in line with the company’s vision to become a holding company in multiple high-growth markets.

    - Universal Systems, Inc. (OTC:UVSS)

    CSLI acquired controlling shares of Universal Systems, Inc. at the end of Q4 2020. CSLI plans a name and symbol change to Digital Holdings, Inc. Andrew Lane was designated the President and CEO of the incoming company, which will focus on providing digital distribution services with NFT/Crypto services.

    In April 2020, Critical Solutions invested in 25,000 square foot property with a market value of $10 million in Los Angeles, California. Commercial real estate prices in and around LA have been rising since the purchase,

    Management Team
    Sam Barazza is the CEO of Critical Solutions, INC, having over 20 years of experience in streamlining and optimizing business operations. Mr. Barazza is not only qualified in the execution and financial processes and controls, but also brings expertise in digital transformation.

    Robert Munck is the VP of Business Development, with a background in real estate, investment banking, and quality control. Mr. Munck is in charge of expanding business development for Critical Solutions, bringing over 30 years of experience in finance and having a strong track record of transacting, negotiating more than $200 million in deals annually.

    Industry Overview and Potential

    The cannabis industry has been born with the legalization of Marijuana, and the legal market has emerged with rapid pace, as more and more governments legalize medical and adult use. Legal cannabis industry accounts for 321,000 full- time jobs across 37 states in the US, according to Leafly’s 2020 job report, while US sales hit $18.3 billion, resulting in a 32% year-over-year growth. CSLI is in a good position to take advantage of the high growth of the cannabis industry. CSLI establishes itself as an innovator in the industry, moving into integrating crypto/NFT into cannabis. CSLI aims to position itself as one of the leaders in the cannabis consulting, finance, and distribution solutions.

    Outlook and Potential
    Critical Solutions, Inc has been increasingly active in the last years, now having a portfolio of high-growth companies in the crypto/NFT, cannabis, and film industry. The company should be able to leverage its network and the expertise of the management team in order to capture part of the growth of the industries they are invested in.

    Critical Solutions has recently announced that the investment in the LA property is now generating cash flows of $20k to $40k weekly. The partnership led to a formal letter of intent to control the management side of the operation in downtown Los Angeles.

    CSLI has the potential to grow into a significant player in the North American cannabis market, developing into a highly profitable growth company. Taking all this into account, the company should not be a penny stock for long.

    1-year Price Target: $1-$2 per share.

    You can take a look their initial video

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