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Discussion in 'Penny Stocks' started by Andrew Mazza, Sep 3, 2018.

  1. Andrew Mazza

    Andrew Mazza New Member

    Sep 3, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Now it is understandable to be trepidatious of stock HMNY-(Helios and Matheson Analytics) as recently evaluators have punished and critiqued its value talking about devaluation, a corrupt management and being at the wrong place at the wrong, however for $0.02, who can resist buying 10 shares of this stock:

    It has a history of rapidly declining in value and then suddenly jumping 1000% in 2 months. It happened twice, once in September and October 2017, and a second time before that in May and June in 2016. Whats to say this can't happen again, especially a company that has been around since 1982. Recently many big companies have been making aquesitions of major applicatons and businesses not because of the service they provide, but because of the big data collections they have. Facebook (FB) aquired app Instagram for one billion dollars. Facebook employees could have easily built the simple app on its own, however this fresh new app would not have the longevity and historical data that Instagram has to offer.

    Who knows if HMNY will run the same route as Instagram or will teeter off into the far off galaxy of defective penny stocks
  2. coolwata34

    coolwata34 New Member

    Nov 7, 2018
    Likes Received:
    Having followed HMNY for a few months now. I think HMNY is going to rise. It is said they will split into 2 companies, Helios and MAtheson analytics and MoviePass( which will be moviepass films and moviepass). I don't know the specifics of how the division would happen, but my thought is if HMNY did well prior to Moviepass, then I feel they will at least double my money.

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