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    Hello everyone!

    As my first post here on stockaholic I am going to talk about a Swedish bio tech company called

    Phase Holographic Imaging, ticker name PHI and can be found at the Spotlight stock market

    It’s a big post I know but I assure you. You will not regret reading this.

    Before I explain why I believe it will rise so much in value let me first explain its business model.

    Phase Holographic are into cytometry, which is the field of measuring cells in research, medicine etc.

    Their technology of approach is called quantitative phase contrast microscopy and its product or instrument is called Holomonitor M4

    Let me give a quick example on how and why their technology is so important.

    If you are going to study cells by looking in how they behave then it would be like looking at small ice bits in a water filled glass jar. Ice is transparent and very hard to see especially in water so what the common method today is that researchers dye cells with a special fluorescent dye to be able to see the cells but when you do this to a cell you poison it and you only have a short time to study it before it begins to die. And also, you won’t be able to study its “normal” behavior because you have created major damage on the cells by dyeing them.

    What Phase Holographics technology does is that it can study cells without coloring them in toxic dyes by using a light beam and advanced algorithms they create a hologram of the cell that can also be quantified in width, thickness, area , cell count etc

    in short, this instrument gives researchers an incredible amount of more information from the cells then what the common and conventional method does now today. Its like looking and studying outer space with your naked eye instead of using the james webb telescope. Its that big of a difference for a researcher.

    Now il try to explain why the value of the company will rise once the market really understands their place in the research world.

    Now there are some instances where you need to dye to be able to monitor certain changes and that is when you study the genetics of the cell.

    In the begging of 2020 Phase holographic (PHI) and NIA (National Institute on Aging) have agreed on developing a addon fluorescent module for Holomonitor M4 that can quantify cells in a combined way for single cell analysis.

    With this addon the researcher can utilize the full kit of the research options available to them while also keeping the damage done to the cell to an absolute minimal.

    They are also using AI in their instrument with their software called Holomonitor App suite because of the huge amount of raw data extracted would take a person many hours to combine and the instruments cuts that time down to minutes.

    The Ai part is discussed at page 2 in the link below. It’s from their year-end rapport from 2018.

    One probable reason why NIH are so interested in the Holomonitor is that a group of researchers in Australia have found way to reverse ageing and they used the Holomonitor to extract that knowledge.

    which is a HUGE achievement for this company to prove to the world that their technology is highly sought after and works!

    Their area of expertise is called single cell analysis and that method is breaking new grounds in research, pre-clinical trials and drug discovery etc

    As the link above says the single cell analysis method is ranked as number 1 in the Global Innovation index report

    Which means that this tech is cutting edge within the field of cytometry. This tech gives researchers the tool they need to extract information that is not available with conventional methods.

    Their Holomonitor Appsuite is the AI operating software for the instrument holomonitor m4. Their source of income is not only by selling their main hardware instrument or rather I should say cytometer. They also have software apps or assays that they call it. The customer can buy and download online assays depending on what they want to study.

    An essay is an expendable product which means you can only use it limited amount of times per test then you must buy another one for the next test sample. And since I can count 10 assays (so far made) Cell Proliferation , Cell Tracking , Cell QC , Dose Response , Cell Migration, Cell Motility and Migration , Cell Motility , Wound Healing , Cell Counter and Cell Morphology. this will be a permanent income source for as long as the instrument is being used which is a FANTASTIC income source for the company.

    Phase Holographic established PHI inc in Boston to better handle the US relationship under 2019. It did not take many months before they managed an exclusive buy from the NIH (National Institute of Health)

    And the purchase order from NIH"phase holographic"&sort=-relevance&index=&is_active=true&page=1

    Phase Holographic also has many more big partnerships and not just with NIH and NIA

    Over 160 publications

    Even Harvard has collaborated with PHI and uncovered breakthrough knowledge like separating aggressive blood vessels that form tumors from more harmless ones.,c2292815

    Big article in SPIE (The International Society for optics and Photonics) where they write that Phase Holographics technology can help combat dementia and find a cure for cancer and that awareness needs to be increased about this technology.

    Good customer reviews

    The projected customers in the world are around 120 000 research labs where five big companies sell around 30 000 incubators per year. An incubator is box that is sealed so that the atmosphere can be kept at the appropriate temperature for the cells. Cells don’t like to be in a room temperature environment they need warmth and moisture and the Holomonitor M4 is designed to be placed inside of one which is also a huge advantage towards other instrument that cannot be placed inside a incubator.

    So, the goal is to sell a holomonitor together with an incubator and they are looking for partners. They signed a deal with Bio Spherix in 2018.

    But then there are the big 5 that can sell much more then Bio Sperix and those companies are Danaher (USA), Carl Zeiss (Germany), Nikon (Japan), PerkinElmer (USA) , Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) and Sartorius (Germany).

    And the sales number per year is like I mention before around 30.000 per year as is written in the annual report on page 10 for these big 5.

    One Holomonitor M4 unit costs around 33,400$ as we can see in the purchase order from NIH.

    Now it might sound expensive but there are other instrument out there with older technology that can not do what the Holomonitor does and costs in the millions. Researchers usually rent these kinds of machine so not only are the holomonitors better they are also cheaper.

    Now you don’t need a masters degree in math to realize that this company can make huge profits with the right sales partner and during the winter of 2018-2019 they found two U.S based industry leading companies to have a chow down with that they won’t name. Il copy a small text from their rapport on page 2 from the link below.

    “Strategic partnerships

    The same unique features that NIH invokes is the reason why two industry-leading life science companies in the US conducted a technical and scientific due diligence of HoloMonitor during the summer. The evaluations aim to in detail understand and plan how HoloMonitor may profitably fit into the companies' existing product range and organization.

    One of the companies is a leading and ambitious supplier of cell analysis instruments. HoloMonitor’s unique abilities exceptionally well complement the company's existing range of cell analyzers, providing their customers with sought after functionality that the company's products today lack, excellently summarized by themselves: “This is a no-brainer”. The two independent evaluations are now in their respective final stages, where the results are compiled to form the basis of the forthcoming business discussions”

    Now those talks have been postponed because of the corona virus pandemic as you can read in their latest report.

    “Closed borders, travel restrictions and customers as well as sales personnel in a firm lockdown across the planet have led to that partnership discussions, product demonstrations, orders and deliveries of sold products inevitably have been pushed into the future.

    To emerge stronger from the pandemic than entering it, we have for the time being focused our resources on reducing sales cost, improving our market visibility and expanding the HoloMonitor product line.”

    Pretty much everyone has seen blowbacks because of the corona virus but once in a while you find these rare cases of companies that have an EXTREME amount of potential that can give huge gains in revenue and stock value. These talks that they are having with these two companies are a huge trigger factor that can send this stock value to the moon. But this is not the only trigger which I will explain further ahead.

    Now when it comes to the financial side (Cash flow/Working capital) of the company they have been secured with loans from the Swedish government so they will have enough money to last till 2022. In the report on page 4.

    Which means that investors don’t have to worry about the company diluting the stock value by asking for money in at least 2 years. And this company only has 14 394 971 million shares which is extremely low and that means that it has a very low free float of available stocks to buy and can be very volatile if a lot of buyers want in.

    Does anyone remember Tilray the cannabis company from Canada as a famous example of how high a low free float stock can rise. I think it went from around 20$ to over 150$ during the cannabis hype.

    I think this stock can do an even higher journey upwards from its initial 3$ position if people find this company investable.

    There are even more triggers in this company that I will explain now.

    In 2016-17 Phase holographic and german BAM (The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing is a German material research institute)

    started an Eu sponsored research project called glycoimaging with a Swedish university. Malmo university.

    Its treatment is called Moleculary Imprinted Polymers.

    In short, they are using plastic nano particles that can detect, see what kind and cure cancer before it evolves to a dangerous tumor. It is a treatment that has the potential to save millions of lives from cancer each year. And Phase Holographic owns 75% of the commercial rights and the German state owns 25%.

    The patent is currently (August 2020 now and was filed 08-05-2020) being examined and the possible approval should come within 2-3 months.

    If they get the patent for this treatment, then the value of the company will rise sky high. This is something that every hospital in the world would want to have in their lab.

    The holomonitor can also be used as a diagnostics tool as this research report shows in how to treat and diagnose breast cancer.

    The only drawback I see with this company is that their revenue is not that great but I understand that they might not have the sales people to bring home those big orders and that it is why they are putting a lot of focus on finding that partner that will help them sell all over the world or to by acquired by a large company the so called exit for the company. Those possible candidates to buy Phase holographic are probably of of these 5 corporations. Danaher (USA), Carl Zeiss (Germany), Nikon (Japan), PerkinElmer (USA) , Thermo Fisher Scientific (USA) and Sartorius (Germany).

    Sartorius did recently buy a company for not so long ago and since the talks are with a US based company then its more likely to be Danaher, Perkin Elmer or Thermo Fisher.

    A company that’s called Siamab that also is involved with the project was acquired by a large bio company for over 200 million dollars $$202+Million+Exit+with+Large+Commercial-Stage+Biopharma/15832686.html

    U can see the Siamab company logo at the bottom of this poster

    This is an exceptionally good sign and it means that the big companies are following this project!

    Nothing can be said for certain but it is truly very exciting what the possibilities this might bring. The talks have been postponed because of corona , that is understandable and they have enough money to keep this burn rate till 2022 which give them a stable ground when negotiating. The talks have been going for almost 2 years and its should come to a close atlest this year or in the early 2021. Also if the patent gets approved then the talks will surely speed up because those treatments will be extremely profitable.

    Imagine going to the doctor and just drinking a liquid and after a while the doctor can see if you have cancer or not in your body? That is AMAZING! They will surely get a lot of attention if they succeed and its not easy to be recognized for example I can bet before you read my post that you had no clue what a holomonitor is? And its true, the only people that know about this company are a few investors in Sweden and the elite in the science world. These guys deserve a lot more attention from the media.

    The company has been around for almost 20 years and has an enormous baggage of credibility with doing business with governments, universities and research labs around the world. I believe this stock to be a submarine right now and once it reaches the surface and more people know about their business idea and position then it will transform into a rocket and fly up very high in value because of its fantastic business model and of its low free float of only having 14 million shares. This company is a true gem that should be in any investors portfolio be it in the long run or short. I think trading alone can bring this stock to 15$-25$ and who knows how much money they can be offered if all goes their way.

    So what do you guys think? Is this a rocket ready for mars or is it a dud? Plz let me know your thoughts.

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    Agree! If all goes well, this could be a treasure. Currently low activity in this one and a collaboration with national institute of health tells us that they have a high quality product.
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    Exactly my thoughts as well and thank you for reading my post. I’m trying my best to predict those big gains stocks before they get famous and I hope this company will be the first of many that I write about in this forum.

    In short, I see three triggers that can create a surge in demand for PHI shares.

    First one is of course the talks with the leading life sciences companies, and I am not sure if it’s one company or two, three companies that are interested in Phase Holographic because information about this is so scarce. Because if there are more than one then a possible bidding war can happen during the talks. Some information that I have read are that there are two companies interested because their technology “complete” each other but its nothing that I can confirm yet but if I come across that information again il be sure to update it here.

    The link below will take you to their twitter feed and the news of the technology assessment agreement that I’m talking about.

    It is a good idea to follow their twitter if you are interested in the PHI stock.

    The twitter link is from 2019 and surely the talks must lead to something good because its taking such a long time. If the talks would have failed, then they must inform the market and no such info has been given therefore the talks must be in a positive tone despite the news in the recent report of talks being postpone because of the corona pandemic. These talks excite me the most in owning PHI shares because of it possible huge gains by gaining a collaboration or a take over by large leading life science company.

    Some examples of acquisitions in the same field as Phase Holographic for huge sums of money.

    This possibility of acquisition of Phase Holographic is by far one of the biggest reasons to own this stock.

    The second is the patent pending in the glycol imaging project together with the German BAM.

    If the patent gets approves then it will open up a huge market as a possible treatment in hospitals. Fantastic news for both investors and patients around the world.

    Third thing is a mixture of the new 3d cell culture they are developing with a Swedish university.,c2693832

    and the collaboration you mentioned with the NIH,c3105288

    I really wish i had a time machine so I can speed up the time because I feel that this company will grow into a huge player in the science world. Time will tell if I’m right or wrong about this company, but my gut feelings tells me this is a winner.

    And thank both you Mersault and all the rest of you for reading my post. i hope my analysis will be a positive one.

    Have a nice weekend.
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    A small update but an extremly tasty one:)

    Phase Holographic has been granted a US patent on its glyco program.

    it came out on August 4. I did not even think about looking there.

    Patent History
    Patent number
    : 10730986
    Type: Grant
    Filed: May 9, 2016
    Date of Patent: Aug 4, 2020
    Patent Publication Number: 20180142053
    Assignees: Phase Holographic Imaging PHI AB (Lund), Bundesrepublik Deutschland, vertreten durch den Bundesminister für Wirtschaft und Energie (Berlin)
    Inventors: Sudhirkumar Shinde (Malmö), Anette Gjörloff Wingren (Södra Sandby), Knut Rurack (Berlin), Börje Sellergren (Helsingborg), Wei Wan (Berlin)
    Primary Examiner: Robert D Harlan
    Application Number: 15/572,962

    This is a huge achievement that will open up the US market with their new cancer detection and treatment method. There seems to be no other method that atleast i can find that can match Phase Holographics approach of solveing this cancer detection problem.

    In short, by useing a drop of your blood the Holomonitor together with the nano particles that they have created and patented can detect if you have cancer in your body and also in a very early stage before it becomes a dangerous tumour or show as a discoloured birthmark. Now keep in mind that the same process takes weeks now by useing a biopsy and sending it to the lab when instead it can take only a few minutes with the Holomonitor.

    This is HUGE step forward for this company and the market has taken notice by almost jumping from 3 dollars to 4 dollars.

    Still no offical word from the company, maybe they are waiting for the EU patent before they announce but one thing is certain, the talks that Phase is haveing with those big comporations is surely in a completly diffrent tone now.

    The life science industry will surely put Phase Holographic on their "must do business with" list.

    Everyday that passes by i get more and more seccure in my position in Phase Holographic.

    And if you bought at 3 dollars congratz:)

    Have a nice week:)
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    Not much to report exp that the stock seems to build up momentum around 3.5 - 4 dollars. Its strange that it has not risen more but i guess still a lot of investors are not aware of the PHI stock and their business model.

    They have announced their US patent now on their homepage, well more correctly they annouced it in Aug the 27th

    They also have some news that their subsidary in Boston USA is expanding and looking for new customers.

    Their US office is in a pretty nice place of town

    North America
    Phase Holographic Imaging PHI Inc.
    265 Franklin Street, Suite 1702
    Boston, MA 02110
    +1 617-963-5150
    [email protected]

    Still cant grasp the fact that Phase Holographic has a technology that can detect cancer in the body and what type by only useing a simple bloodtest. This MUST be revolutionary.
    If this tech is not enough for the big pharma companies then i dont know what is.

    One of these 20 companies will SURELY show some interest in working with PHI and their Holomonitor M4.

    This stock is still in my eyes undervalued, it has a ATH of around 6 dollars that it achieved a few years ago and that ATH will surely be broken atleast this year. 10 dollars is not impossible to reach if good news arrives in the report that will be released in sep the 28th if i remember correctly.

    They also seem to update their site for the increase in online demostrations wich is a good move since meeting face to face has become such a fearful thing becase of the corona pandemic. All events this year have been canceld wich also means their burnrate is also being decreased.

    il try to update every few weeks or sooner if big news are released.

    Have a nice day.
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    A report was released for PHI. The revenue was horrible to watch but its understandable during these corona times but still i would have liked to have seen more units sold because when is the time if not now when its more crucial then ever that the scientist have the best tools to fight this horrible virus.

    One good thing to read is that PHI is financially secure to as far as 2022

    "Together with additional support from the government, it is estimated that PHI’s working capital is secured until 2022."
    - From the 2020-21 report page 4

    This is a huge relif as a current share holder and gives the company time to reach its goals with establishing either a partnership or a buyout from a major player.

    There is a smal mention of how the "talks" are going with the major players in their business field in a diffrent report that you can find in the link below but it seems only the swedish version is available.

    Google translate will help a lot here and you can see a small mention on page 5

    "I och med detta har vi nu upprattat ett mycket tydligt brohuvud pa var storsta och strategiskt mest betydelsefulla marknad, och avsevart forbattrat utgangslaget i diskussionerna med potentiella partners och ledande branschaktorer — aven om dessa i manga fall behovt skjutas pa framtiden pa grund av det radande laget."

    In short because of the establishment/grant as a govermental supplier to NIH (National Institute of Health U.S.A) their postion in the talks with the unknown major corporations has substantialy been improved but has because of the current situation of the corona virus been postponed into the future.

    Now it does not say for how long, could be a month or a year but how long can these gigants wait before PHI makes even more waves in the academic world ?

    There is a link in the report of how three norweigan scientist were able to refine and work from home useing the Holomonitor M4 from Phase Holographic.

    The researcher were told that their report that they sent in was lacking and wanted more data/proof of their findings and by useing the software of the M4 they re-analyzed all the data from home and get this, they found even MORE data to support their claim/findings. Their finding is something about useing the Holomonitor to study cells in 3D in a special gel and watching the invasion factor of cancer cells.

    The content is above my understanding but i can clearly understand that this is a HUGE achivement.

    Now if scientist can work from home and perhaps have only one person at the lab with the cell cultures, doesnt this just perfectly fit the current work conditions for all lot of people? esp cell biologist. Most companies these days want you to work from home if possible. The ceo is absolutly right in the fact that this is the future, being online and sending data over the air instead of being stuck in a lab all day.

    Also keep in mind that their article is being presented by Nature wich is the number one reseach magazine in the world

    Glycoimaging where PHI owns 75% of the commercial rights and the German BAM owns 25%

    Have found a way of useing plastic nanoparticles that act like antibodies to detect cancer early by only useing a bloodtest AND can also be used as a treatment method by directly administrating drugs to fight cancer cells. This in it self is also HUGE news.

    There are simmular companies out there that have a simmular idea but they use a older technology mixed with machine learning.

    A company called Grail was recently taken over by Ilumina for 8B$ , yes thats 8 BILLION dollars.,16.htm

    Grail have stated that they are not expecting to have any revenue and were at a loss of 136.4 millions dollars rising from 117 million from the year before.

    “We have never generated revenue from product sales, do not expect any near-term revenue to offset our ongoing operating expenses, and may never be profitable,” the company cautioned in Wednesday’s filing.

    But still illumina bought its baby that it helped to create because of the potential profits in the comeing blood cancer market that some have written it will be worth 75B ( BILLION) dollars by 2035 and grow with 27% each year.

    Now in short, the technology used in grail is by useing a huge database and with this data base "recognize" cfDNA that can evolve to cancer/tumours in the body.

    They use someting called a sequencer or more specific a NGS sequencer ( Next Generation Sequencer)

    The top of the line from Illumina costs 335,000$!

    "The NextSeq 2000, which Illumina said is available for order now and will ship in the first quarter, carries a list price of $335,000 and has a maximum data output of 300 gigabases, compared to up to 120 gigabases for the NextSeq 550."

    Compared to the Holomonitor that costs 33,400$ is over 10 times cheaper.

    Now if i was in charge of bying in equipment to a hospital or research labb the price tag would be a MAJOR selling point to me.

    I have read that the Grail system managed to cover 67% of the cancers out there wich is pretty good. There are still no numbers on the PHI side but acording to what i have read you can design the "mips" to target whatever you want, in other words a custom way of treating patients with whatever sickness they have.

    There are still much research to do on the mips but once all patents (europeans, the U.S is already aproved) are finalized then a FDA aproval should not be far behind aswell.

    My point is short and is that if Grail could get 8B from illumina, even though they risk alienating their current customers that are also hunting for a blood screener for cancer then Phase Holographic has a BIG shot of getting swept up aswell. Prob not for 8B but 2-3B once the techniqe is fully developed and can be used to both detect cancer AND treat it.

    The colab with NIH is also advacing their fluo module that will more then double their customer base and add even more software as service assays that will generate even more revenue.

    They just need a little push on their wings and they will fly, very high.

    This is why i belive so strongly in this stock, they have an amazing product line and have very low risk of failure.

    Hopefully there will be more good news from the company this winter before the new year starts.

    And thank you for reading.
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