Stevia Corp. Announces Appointment of the Former Chief Science Officer of Quest Diagnostics

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    Stevia Corp. Announces Appointment of the Former Chief Science Officer for Quest Diagnostics to its Scientific Advisory Panel
    June 14, 2022, 4:00 am

    NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2022 / Stevia Corp. (OTC PINK:STEV) ("Stevia Corp" or the "Company"), a healthcare company focused on the commercial development of products that support a healthy lifestyle announced today the appointment of David L. Cooper, Ph.D.. M.D., CEO and Founder of PhytoMedical Solutions, LLC and PhytoDental Solutions, LLC to its scientific advisory panel. Dr. Cooper received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Florida State University and his M.D. from the University of Florida.

    Dr. Cooper served originally as the Chief Science Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute and later as Chief Science Officer of Quest Diagnostics (DGX:NYSE). The Nichols Institute, a wholly-owned division of Quest Diagnostics, is the premier reference lab for Quest Diagnostics. The Nichols Institute is also known as one of the premier reference labs in the entire world (Nichols Institute: The Quest Diagnostics Advantage - YouTube)

    While at Quest Diagnostics, Dr. Cooper coordinated the Nichols Institute's move for Quest to an ISO 9001 Company, expanded their HIV and Genetic Testing, and reorganized the Nichols Institute Research and Test Development efforts into a clinical specialty focus. Dr. Cooper also assisted in opening new markets for Quest Diagnostics in Asia, South America and Europe.

    Dr. Cooper subsequently served as Chief Medical Officer of NimbleGen Systems Inc. While at NimbleGen Systems, Dr. Cooper established NimbleGen Systems of Iceland, LLC, which manufactured custom DNA arrays and related services to the scientific research marketplace worldwide. Dr. Cooper also served as Senior Scientific Advisor to Visible Genetics, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, where he assisted with the development of the TRUGENE TM HIV-1 Genotyping Kit, the first FDA approved drug resistance test for routine clinical use.

    In academia, Dr. Cooper has held tenured Pathology faculty positions at Duke University Medical Center and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. While Professor of Molecular Pathology at Duke and UPMC, Dr. Cooper's research focused on defining the various isoforms and role of CD44 in tumor metastasis. His original research continues to be highly regarded and regularly referenced as CD44 therapeutics have moved into clinical trials. While at the University of Pittsburgh, he founded the first division of Molecular Pathology in the United States, assisted in founding and served as the first President of the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP), and was editor and founder of the journal, Molecular Diagnosis - "A journal devoted to the understanding of human disease through the clinical application of molecular biology." His academic honors include the prestigious Lichfield Lectureship, Oxford University, Oxford, England. Dr. Cooper is the author of more than 100 scientific and medical publications in molecular diagnostics, infectious disease, hematology, cancer, human genetics, pediatrics, precision medicine and the development of novel gene therapies which were supported by numerous grants including grants from the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society and the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Initiative. Dr. Cooper continues to be active publishing his most recent clinical research in three manuscripts in the international, peer reviewed, open access Journal Clinics in Medicine (ISSN: 2688-6731) in the last year.

    Dr. Cooper has also had a key advisory role in substantial medical devices which resulted in commercially successful products and/or acquisitions by major pharmaceutical and medical technology companies.

    • As Senior Medical Advisor to Visible Genetics (Toronto), he oversaw TRUGENE HIV-1 DNA sequencing format which was the first commercial FDA approved sequencing kit to detect HIV resistance. To commercialize and distribute products in the U.S., he created "The Gene Foundry" as a spinoff which successfully distributed TruGene apparatus and kits throughout the U.S. Visible Genetics and TRUGENE were subsequently acquired by Bayer for $61.4 Million US.

    • Built and managed the NimbleGen microarray technology in Reykjavik, Icelandutilizing photosynthesis chemistry. The facility served both European and U.S. investigators with DNA chips designed uniquely for each investigative purpose. Dr. Cooper built the staff to 20 members located in Iceland. NimbleGen was acquired by Roche for $250 Million U.S.

    • Dr. Cooper designed the physical layoutand personnel requirements for CODIS mass spec laboratory for IBIS Biosciences. Ibiswas acquired by Abbott and led to development of IBIS TIGER/T5000 Universal Biosensor platform. Purchase price was in excess of $220 M US.

    • As actingCMO of Eragen, Dr. Cooper oversaw the early work which led to FDA 510K approval of their HSV assay and assisted in development of the constituents of a viral respiratory panel later taken to market by Luminex which acquired EraGen for $25M US and stock incentives.

    • Designed and hired original Laboratory Director for Affymetrix's 10,000 sq foot CLIA Laboratory in Sacramento, CA. Laboratory was later transferred and acquired by Navigenics under undisclosed financialterms in excess of $100M US.

    • As CSO Quest Diagnostics, oversaw portfolio development of 80-100 new and reworked assays yearly. Instituting first in man diagnostics across infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiology, respiratory disease and cancer.

    • As an outside advisor, formed Qiagen's original Clinical Advisory Board from which the internationally leading blood product stabilizing nucleicacids PAXgene RNA and DNA and other products originated.
    Kenneth Maciora, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Stevia Corp. said, "We are ecstatic that Dr. Cooper has accepted our invitation to join our Advisory Panel. Dr. Cooper's academic and commercial achievements are well known by people that have worked with him over the years. His knowledge and advice as we launch our business plan will be invaluable to Stevia Corp. and I am beyond thrilled that Dr. Cooper will be part of our plan."

    Mr. Maciora added, "The current formulation development and clinical research that Dr. Cooper and his colleagues are doing with cannabinoids in dental sciences and the links between dental and systemic disease is ground breaking. As we launch our products, we will have further discussions with Dr. Cooper about his current work and a possible collaboration between his company and Stevia Corp. Dr. Cooper has the vision to do quality research and is engaging in real science to explore how cannabinoids can improve dental health and possibly affect the re-generation of tissue damaged by periodontitis and gingivitis."

    Dr. Cooper commented, "I am honored to join Stevia's effort to develop natural health products. The development of an association with Stevia Corp. is a natural fit as my interest in plant and natural products for health has grown over my career in chemistry, medicine and pharmaceuticals. This is an exciting time for Stevia Corp and I'm looking forward to contributing my experience and expertise."

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