Valirx (VAL) - SP in Break Out - Significant Upside

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    Valirx is a small Biotech on the AIM. It's Market Cap sits at a mere < 23m. The upside potential from here i believe to be significant. Historically it had reached £ 11 but fell from grace due to p1ss poor management, they have all been replaced since and a new team in situ. The SP has finally just started its recovery

    New management team, new ethos, new USP, legacy projects on the cusp of licensing deals and new projects being selected. Really is a superb materially undervalued biotech.

    I am expecting us to build significantly on the current base price of 36p from here towards peer average at 80p and then on to break our first pound again as licensing deals are announced. Every day is another day closer to terms being finalised Hence expecting a big move/ run on the share price as events unfold.

    For visitors wishing to research further:-

    The You Tube link to the presentation:-

    The Original video plus the Q&A at Meet the Company can be found here:-

    The Company website is a fantastic resource packed full of information and can be found here:-

    And for those that use Twitter don't forget to follow the company here:-

    If you like charts, this is what the current position looks like, compliments of Josh, its shows the direction of travel and the step changes along that journey so far :-
    Nice steady buying and selling with trajectory North with volumes increasing

    A fantastic business and certainly worth the time to investigate investing in them.

    New Investors should look at the investment proposition here today, research the company and decide if its for you or not.

    All i am pointing out is that providing Valirx deliver on what they say and i have every confidence they will, the SP here will be materially higher than it is now. We are finally seeing the start of a re-rate and i believe the upside from here to be stratospheric.

    As a reminder:-
    Mcap at 37p is still ONLY < £24m
    Mcap at 55p = £35m
    Mcap at £1 = £65m
    Mcap at £2 = £130m

    So not really that much to think about imo, we are a minnow at these levels as I see it but DYOR and make your own calls

    Hope some members here share my same enthusiasm - its a great business worth a go.

    GLA Pork's

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